ICC Group is the leading company in the manufacture and distribution of inks, spare parts and supplies for encoders VideoJet®, Domino®, Willett®, Markem-Imaje®, Hitachi®, Linx®, Rea-Jet®, Ebs®, Citronix®, Marsh®, Alpha-Dot®, Viedembach®, Zanasi®, Liebenger®, Markpoint®, Squidink®, Matthews®, Ale®, Trident®, Xaar®, Seiko®, Limitronic®, UBS®, HP® and many others trademarks.

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The use of alternative consumables do not have an effect on the provision of legal guarantee granted by the OEM manufacturer of printers for the systems. Do not let that influence your opinion if those rights are denied due to not having used products manufacturer’s OEM system.